Yisraelian centers is a privately owned and operated commercial real estate Group specializing in locating, purchasing, renovating, leasing and managing commercial real estate. We are a full service commercial real estate Group with a focus in raising the value of commercial real estate. We specialize in strip malls, shopping centers and standalone retail buildings. The company started in 2008 and have since then purchased real estate in the states of Florida, Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia. All of the company’s assets have gained over 100% value during a period of 3-5 years. The company’s successful business strategy is focused on buying buildings in developing areas, fixing and updating the property in order to rent them out, increase the income and gain value on the property by holding it over time.

Meet our team

Ariel Yisraelian

Ariel served in the IDF special forces from 2005-2008. After the army Ariel started his journey in residential and multifamily . By 2016 Ariel saw the opportunity to grow in commercial real estate, purchased a distressed shopping center and turned it around. Since then Ariel has been purchasing, renovating, renting and managing commercial real estate.
Today Ariel oversees the entire operation including management, renovations, financing and day to day operations.
Ariel’s goal is to continue growing the portfolio while managing Yisraelian Centers Group of companies.

Lipaz Yisraelian

Lipaz has served in the IDF from 2001-2003. Lipaz has worked in real estate management and has over 20 years of experience in the field. Lipaz joined Yisraelian Centers as the head of management and operations in 2010 and has since managed the entire operation with her team.
Today Lipaz is the head of the management team and is responsible for tenant management, renovations and finance reporting.

Ron Cohen

Ron has served in the IDF special forces from 2016-2023. Ron served as an officer in the IDF and lead many soldiers under his command.
Ron joined the team as the young leasing intern and is now the head of the leasing department. Since then Ron has successfully leased units both for corporate and local tenants.
Today Ron is the head leasing manager in the office and is responsible for leasing, advertising, tenant relations and new tenant orientation.

Octavia Brown

Octavia joined the team as an executive assistant and through hard work and persistence became the leading office manager of the Daytona Beach office.

Maurice Wellons

Maurice has worked in the field of construction for over 30 years both in residential and commercial projects. Today Maurice is the head of the construction team and is responsible for construction coordination and completions. Maurice overseeing 25 of the company construction employees and over 100 contractors that are working with the company. Maurice has successfully completed many projects over the years and gained the highest level of experience in the field of construction.

Jonathan Moshe

Jonathan has served in the IDF from 2020-2023. Jonathan joined the team as a young intern learning the trades of the business.
Jonathan is professionalizing in real estate financing and is assisting with the financial aspect of the operation. Professionalizing in new acquisitions, refinancing and underwriting.
In the future Jonathan is planning to take over more responsibilities in operations such as team management and construction management.


Our employees are the backbone of the entire operation. Our employees specialize in the entire construction field some with over 40 years of experience and senior employees working under the company name for over a decade building the company block by block
Over the years YISRAELIAN MANAGEMENT LLC under Yisraelian Centers has employed over 100 people and given equal opportunity for people from all walks of life with the will to grow and build a career in the company.
We wanted to honor those employees that grew the company over the years and gave their heart, knowledge and trust in the company to make it all happen.
Thank you!

Our Team
Our team is constantly looking for new properties to add to our portfolio, composed of Real Estate Professionals specialized in purchase, renovations management, and property management.  

Long Term connections with banks and mortgage brokers let us refinance properties for the highest market value possible and enjoy the lowest interest rates offered. By doing so, we can purchase other properties and grow our portfolio of assets.

Company Goals
The company’s goal is to continually grow its portfolio by purchasing commercial properties. At the same time, we focus on increasing rent income and profitability in each property we own and manage.